Monday, January 09, 2006


I have been invited to test Pando, a free P2P file sharing service that requires a software installation on your computer of less than 2 Mb. Your Pando buddies also need to have the application in order to exchange files or folders among you all.

The interface is clean, beautiful and elegant. The trick is that when you send a file (no size limit) or a folder (with any number of files or folders within it), the buddy you are sending it to will receive an email message from your email account with a small *.pando attachment which, if opened, will activate the Pando application and start the download using an encrypted P2P network.

I think Pando is a good solution since your *.pando packages, sent or received, do not expire, and you or your buddy can download them anytime.

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PSchuetz said...

Hi there,

too bad, now after beta stage/phase, there are some limits, on Pando.

The most worst is that your file only lasts now 14 days on the Pando servers for proxying..

And now you have a file size limit of 1 GB, which is not such a big problem, but still a problem, because selfe made home videos or such a often as big as 5 GB..

It would be cool if Pando increase both, at least the time the file stays on their servers, because 14 days aren't that much.. -.-

best regards,