Sunday, January 22, 2006


If you are still not using Clipmarks, you are missing something really innovative and useful to get the best from your web surfing. The Internet is a well of information (articles, books, movies, music, images, you name it), it's the global depository of the human culture. When you browse the infinite of bits you sure find pieces of information, text, sound or visual, that you would like to keep. Now you can. Beyond bookmarking the URL of a website, you can select any image or text and save it to your free Clipmarks account, either as a private or a public piece of information. Whatever you have saved will remain available for your use and enjoyment. You can send any clipmark (a saved item) to others by email, print it, comment other's public clipmarks and discover valuable items that the Clipmarks community have saved. Websites can come and go, but your clipmarks are yours forever.

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