Friday, January 06, 2006


I love Bubbleshare.
If you have photos and wish to share them online privately with friends and family, Bubbleshare comes to your rescue as the best free solution. You can upload any number of pictures per album, for an unlimited number of albums. There's no registration. Bubbleshare only asks your name and email address, so they can send you two links for each album you create. One link you can give to your friends and family, which goes to the album website, there they can see your creation as a slide show or as a set of pictures, they can also leave comments below the pictures. The other link you receive is for you to administer the album that you have created. As administrator of the album you can delete photos, add photos, delete comments, insert audio to your photos, include captions, encode the album as a slide show for your blog, change your album from private to public and many other things. The images are stored in original size, but they are viewed in a standard medium size. There's a way to download to your hard drive a zip folder of each album with the images in their original size, you only need to read the official Bubbleshare blog to find out how-to. Bubbleshare is run by a team of young talented computer experts and entrepreneurs based in Toronto, Canada. I recommend you Bubbleshare as a practical and fun alternative to Flickr!

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