Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


With Unipage you can save webpages to your hard drive as single html files.

All components get unified so you only need a browser to retrieve the webpage, making easy to share the captured page to others via email.

Friday, February 17, 2006


Whatever you desire is already "furnished and prepared." Your imagination can put you in touch inwardly with that state of consciousness. If you imagine that you are already the one you want to be, you are following the "man bearing a pitcher of water." If you remain in that state, you have entered the guest-chamber - Passover - and committed your spirit into the Hands of God - your consciousness.

A man's state of consciousness is his demand on the Infinite Store House of God, and, like the law of commerce, a demand creates a supply. To change the supply, you change the demand - your state of consciousness. What you desire to be, that you must feel you already are. Your state of consciousness creates the conditions of your life, rather than the conditions create your state of consciousness. To know this Truth, is to have the "water of life."

But your Saviour - the solution of your problem - cannot be manifested by such knowledge only. It can be realized only as such knowledge is applied. Only as you assume the feeling of your wish fulfilled, and continue therein, is your "side pierced; from whence cometh blood and water." In this manner only is Jesus - the solution of your problem - realized.


Copyrighted Neville 1956

Thursday, February 09, 2006


You can send text messages to US cellular phone numbers from any online computer.

How to do it? Simple. From your email client send the message to [cellphonenumber]@teleflip.com, where "cellphonenumber" is the phone number you want to send the text SMS message.

Example: Your target cell phone is 444.555.9999. So you send the email message to 4445559999@teleflip.com and the cell phone will receive it as a SMS.

Teleflip is free.