Sunday, January 22, 2006

How to keep a secret diary online

Blogs are trendy, fine, but many of us still need to write personal topics to ourselves and keep a record of reflections, experiences, projects and so on. How to do it online and keep it private?
I'm going to share with you my way here. Tools required:
1. Go to your Gmail account and create a label named Diary.
2. Create a filter on Gmail settings to stick the label Diary to any message coming from someone called diary. You can also set it to skip the inbox so the message is automatically archived as soon it arrives.
3. Create a Writeboard document, give it a title and bookmark it. This will be your notepad to write diary entries. It's interesting that Writeboard allows you to include links and images that are on the Internet. That's why I suggest you use a free image hosting site where to privately upload images that you may want to paste to your diary entry. Also, you can paste to your Writeboard document images that are wherever in the Internet, hosted by whoever, as long as you use the URL of that image.
4. So, time to write your first diary entry. Open your Writeboard document (under password) and write what you need to write, paste the images you want from your private Illhostit place or from wherever else the world wide web, and when you are done, save the document and send it to your Gmail address. Writeboard asks you if you want to send it using a particular name. Answer diary as the sender's name, and Writeboard is sending your entry to your Gmail account, which in turn will label it and archive it as you have previously set it to do.
5. Next time you have something to say to your diary, follow the same procedure. Your Writeboard document will still contain your former entry. Just erase everything and start writing. Save it and send it to your Gmail address using the word diary as sender name.

Illhostit allows you to upload any number of images, any size, and gives you a private URL of each that you can paste wherever (forums, blogs, online office documents like Writeboard ones, etc).

Writeboard allows you to create any number of documents, each one under the password you want. You only need to bookmark each document you create or will be forever forgotten. Perfect for diary entries!

Gmail needs no introduction. It's the best free web-based email provider. It's easy to get an invitation to open an account, otherwise you can almost to the same diary thing with another email account.

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