Thursday, June 15, 2006

Picasa Web Albums

I expected more from Google. Their desktop pictures organizer, Picasa, is a good product although very limited as image editor; but what can you ask to a freebee! Now Picasa goes online and we all photo freaks dreamed that coming from Google it should be great. Well, it's not.

Google believes that people shoot lower resolution photographs. Hello? Digital cameras start from 5 or 6 Megapixels these days! These means we average digital photo shooters accumulate tons of megabytes of pictures per year, if not per month! We cry for a decent online photo storage and backup service. We imagined this could come from Google. Big surprise: Picasa Web Albums free version comes serving you a ridiculous 250 Mb total space and its paid version is even more stupid: $25/year for nothing but 6 Gb ever! Did I say 6 Gb? This is what I shoot on a couple of summer trips!

Now, Google wants me to keep all my photo collections (Picasa Web) under a limit of 6 Gb while milking me $25 a year just for using their hard drive? Hello Google Drive, even Mediamax Streamload gives me 25 Gb for free to upload, display and share photos, videos, audio or documents!!

Picasa Web: nothing to recommend here, unless you are a poor low resolution once in a while photo shooter that knows no better.

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