Friday, June 09, 2006

All of MP3

I am anti-iPod and anti DRM. I believe in culture as a good for all mankind. I don't believe in charging fees and tolls for having access to mere e-duplicates with no cost (because they are made of bits not of matter). That's why I don't buy from iTunes or Yahoo Music or wherever if they restrict my freedom to enjoy digital goods in any way. If I ever buy a piece of music in electronic format, I want to be able to play it in all my music players, copying or transferring it from one to another at my discretion. So since yesterday I am having a nice experience as customer of AllofMp3. I am willing to pay a very moderate price for high quality open format mp3 music files, and once downloaded I can convert the files to .cda and make myself an audio CD to play them in my car's unsophisticated CD player, or put the mp3 files into any mp3 player to carry with me anywhere. If for any reason I wish the official CD that it's sold in music stores, I want it free from malware and rootkits, just the music and myself to be the full owner of the item I paid for.

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