Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Save your passwords

Sure, if you are like me a regular surfer, you have many user names and passwords to log in your online accounts. The best solution I have found to store this very private data is a free software that I keep in my USB flash drive, to be used just brief moments when I need it (to add new data or to recall any already stored). This wonderfull freeware application is called PINs. Download it now and be safe forever. A more updated application, that I still have to try, is called KeePass.

Si usted es como yo, seguro que posee muchos nombres de usuario y contrase├▒as para acceder a los sitios web en los que tiene una cuenta. La mejor solucion que he encontrado para guardar tan critica informacion es un programa gratuito llamado PINs. Bajelo ya y mantengase seguro para siempre. Una alternativa mas actualizada, que no he probado aun, se llama Keepass.

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