Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Twango is what flickr should have been, if conceived for sharing photographs with friends, family and the world. Welcome Twango, a free multi media hosting site, offering unlimited storage for videos, photos, audio, and other media. The only limitation is 250Mb/month upload rate, which is a decent amount for social amateurs and casual point and shooters. There are a lot of options for uploading and for sharing. Your photos can be public or private, by sending them to public or private channels (any photo can belong to more than one channel). You can contribute to public channels created by other users if they set you as participant, or create your own channels, public or private, and set them own managed or open for your chosen people upload participation.

You can use a batch uploader from your computer, or send your media files as attachments via email, to specific channel addresses or to your media library. Also, you can add a note within your message for your friends, family, contacts, to invite them to access your media files: photos, videos, whatever. They do not need to be members of Twango, they just click the preview sent to them and automatically jump to the Twango site to enjoy the full version of your files, even if the files are in a private channel, since you invited them to have access (or even you may have invited them to contribute with uploads).

There's more: photos are stored at full resolution and can be downloaded back, or you can send any size versions as direct links to forums, or post them on websites. You can edit photos, rotate them, change the date, check the EXIF data, add keywords, descriptions...! Of course there's the possibility of interaction among users, to leave comments on public channels, and all the other things that are usual in a photo/video/audio sharing community.

This is what flickr could be if was really, but really, sharing-oriented. Ah!, the slide show is very cool too!

Twango: highly recommended.

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