Wednesday, May 24, 2006


BlinkLife is a very innovative free blog provider that gives you unlimited space (starting at 300 Gb), and special features like integrated one-way email and rss. When you sign up you are asked an email address; this is the address your messages will appear to be sent from when you use BlinkLife. When you compose a message, you can choose between public or private message. A public message can be viewed by anyone browsing your BlinkLife blog, while a private message will only be received and visible on your BlinkLife blog by your chosen recipients. BlinkLife also allows you to send pictures within your messages, uploaded from your drive or copied and pasted from any website. They appear inside the message, not as an attachment. It is a very attractive email-blog hybrid option for personal emailing among friends and family members.

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Mind Valley said...

Glad to hear that you discovered BlinkLife and that you are enjoying it so far! We have a lot more work ahead of us and look forward to your continued suggestions and ideas to make this service better and better! :-)