Tuesday, April 25, 2006


This is a content-clipping tool (beyond simple bookmarking) that allows you to select and save pieces from the websites you surf, like text, videos, photos, etc. It's very similar to the pioneer Clipmarks, but there are still some differences. For instance, with clipclip you can email to other people the clips you create. They will receive the actual content of your clip and furthermore: two links, one to the clipclip page where your clip is stored and one to the original website from where you created the clip.

Clipmarks, on the other hand, does not provide the feature of emailing the actual clip but just of emailing the clipmark's URL, so your friends will need to jump from the email message to the Clipmarks site in order to meet the clip content.

clipclip is very new, so it's very behind Clipmarks in terms of community and social interaction among clippers. Anyway, despite being an old Clipmarks member, I find the clipclip interface easy to use and elegant. It does not require any software installation (unlike Clipmarks extensions) but a simple bookmarklet. However, they need to improve the method to select the pieces from a website that you want to clip, since now it's a bit limited.

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